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How We Generate Leads

Creative Intellects has developed a proprietary platform based on data driven architecture to optimize performance and add-value across the buying workflow.


Our time-tested, proven process is the cornerstone for our success. Our marketing platform brings high-intent, qualified buyers that are actively searching for the product you sell.

Analysis & Strategy

Our experts pinpoint high value prospects in markets where you are seeking growth.

Integrated Marketing

Our team, prepped with extensive digital marketing knowledge, assesses and aligns prospects with the right filters to provide ready-to-buy consumers directly to you.

Leads Delivered

Interested buyers are delivered directly via a real-time, live transfer handoff to your call center or as a ‘hot lead’ to your CRM. We can also set an appointment directly on your behalf.

Measure & Evolve

Unlike our counterparts we analyze and optimize performance to increase lead quality for our clients. We believe in long-term client satisfaction.

We are 60% Tactical, 40% Strategic

Social Media

We unify a quality message and utilize social media channels that funnel prospects directly into your CRM or call center.

Search Marketing

Performance based pay-per-click and organic optimization ensure our web assets reach the top of search engines. We are always optimizing our digital footprint for maximum visibility and click-through.

Mobile Targeting

We’re connected to over 40,000 mobile apps used by more than 100 million consumers. We collect over 300 billion pieces of privacy-friendly location data every month that’s used to better understand consumers. We serve highly targeted advertising for a meaningful consumer engagement.

Creative Engagement

We drive consumers down a interactive experience funnel. From discovery, engagement, acquisition to hand-off - our lead generation system is built to deliver eager enthusiastic customers.